Wash & Care



Wash & Dry

Do please check the care label symbols for washing guidance

The magnetic fasteners are fully waterproof but we do recommend you close them before washing and drying.

We recommend hand-washing your Elba bra as this will help it last longer. 

If you do machine-wash your bras then use a gentle cycle at 30 degrees Celsius or cooler, and do try and use a mesh lingerie bag.

We strongly advise against putting your bra in the dryer. The heat does not affect the magnets but it will break down the spandex and elastic. Instead, gently get rid of excess water and then lay or hang your bra out to dry naturally.


All our panties can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees Celsius or cooler. We suggest using a mesh lingerie bag just to prevent any snagging.


Again heat can break down spandex and elastic causing the panties to stretch and age so lie out or hang to dry. If you do use the dryer then tumble dry on a low heat.


Wear, Care & Storage

A bit of extra love and care will help extend the life of your Elba bra.

Bra Rotation: Try not to wear the same bra day after day but instead keep 2-3 bras on rotation. This allows the elastic time to relax and recover between wears.

 Storing Your Bra: Rather than folding the bra we recommend keeping your bras in a drawer and laying them horizontal and flat.