More than a number and a letter

bra size label.jpg

In the next few weeks we’ll be introducing the Elba London measurement chart but remember that your bra is much more than just a number and a letter and with sizes varying between brands and styles you need to focus on the fit and what works for you.

The cup: Yes this part may seem pretty obvious but remember the cup size doesn’t represent the breast size but the difference between the rib cage and bust. Bras sizes can be confusing and Elba’s aiming to simplify it all, but for now remember that if need a smaller band go up in the cup, and if you need a larger band go down in the cup.

The band: The base of the bra and where the majority of the support comes from so it needs to be snug but not so tight that it feels uncomfortable.

The wings: These are the portions of the band that extend from the end of the cups to the centre of the back and again they play a major role in giving you support.

The straps: They come in a number of variations but their primary role is to keep the bra in position NOT to support the weight of your boobs. 

The closure: This is usually a hook and eye set at the centre of the back but at Elba London we’ll be introducing a new front closure - an easy secure fastener for easy dressing.