Tips on putting on your bra

Before starting Elba London and working with my expert lingerie designer, like most women, I was unaware of the proper way to put on a bra for optimal support and comfort. This quick bra-fitting guide will enable you to easily and correctly put on your bra, and then check the fit and determine if your current size is really working for you.

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First, there are two ways to fasten the magnets and your choice is based on personal preference. You may place your arms through the straps so the bra is positioned towards the front, and then taking each side of the fastener ‘slide’ the magnets over the top of each other. They’ll practically fasten themselves without any need to push/press them. This method may be difficult for those who have tight shoulders or limited flexibility so the alternative is to place your bra around your waist with the fastener positioned forward so that you can look down and ‘slide’ the magnets over each other, and then pull the straps onto your shoulders.

This is it, right? Not quite. These further small steps can make a huge difference ensuring that your boobs are sitting properly in the cups, so they’re being lifted rather than just covered, and fully supported.  

  • Once the bra is on, lean forward and take your opposite hand, reach inside your bra, and pull all the breast tissue from the side and up into the cup. Repeat on the other side.

  • Take the top of the cups, where the straps attach, and lightly pull up to set your breasts in place.

  • Finally check that the band is flat across your back and not riding up.

Remember to tighten the straps every month as the elasticity in them inevitably wears over time.

And let us know if a “how-to” put on your bra video could be helpful.