How often do you wash your bra?

From every wear to throwing it into the weekly wash …. is there a right and wrong way to wash your underwear?

  • Hand-washing your bra. In a perfect world we’d all be hand washing our bras with a mild detergent and warm water, gently squeezing all excess water, and laying them out flat to dry as the heat in the dryer breaks down the elastic.

  • Use a lingerie bag in the washing machine. In the real world fasten all bras to prevent unnecessary snagging and twisting, put them in a mesh lingerie bag, wash on a gentle/delicates cycle and avoid washing with heavy items such as towels and jeans. Don’t overstuff the bag otherwise the bras won’t get fully clean. Do always try to hang your bras to dry or lay them flat as the dryer really is guaranteed to shorten their wearable life.

  • A couple more tips…. rotate your bra to allow the elastic time to ‘relax’, and store your bras as they do in the shops - line them up in a drawer rather than folding them.

And on that question of how often to wash your bra, according to the Telegraph article and Verity Mann, the head of testing at The Good Housekeeping Institute” washing after three or four wears should be sufficient”.