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Say goodbye to fiddly back fasteners.

Back fasteners, fiddly fasteners, slipping straps, poking wires, poor support, itchy fabrics.

The daily bra struggles are all too real

Newly launched Elba London was created with the express aim of making bras easier to put on. When a couple of girlfriends mentioned their frustration in shopping for a front fastening bra that wasn’t dowdy and boring or just a flimsy triangle with no support, I decided that searching for a bra when you have an injury, a life altering condition or just want something a little easier to put on shouldn’t be so hard.


“I’m often asked about our name - Elba is ‘able’ backwards and to be able is to find it easier to do something, which is exactly what I hope you’ll find with our bras. London is our amazing home base”.

– Judith Cook, Founder

Why should you have to compromise style for functionality or vice-versa, why can’t you have both?

Our debut Elba bra brings a fresh and innovative approach to front fastening lingerie with a new-patented magnetic closure that balances the need for functionality with modern styling and easy comfort. This is our ‘inclusive’ bra – essential if you need something to make dressing a little easier, but also perfect if you’re just looking for a more relaxed soft but supportive option.

What begun as a simple ask from girlfriends has become a mission to re-define lingerie for all women, whatever their age or ability, and in the coming months we’ll be launching further designs all with our easy fastener.

No more fiddly hook and eyes, no more ‘twisting’ your bra around but confident and accessible styling with attention to function, fit and comfort

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